"For the Beauty of the Earth"

Art Contest Winners
1st Place

Humans are one with nature.  If everyone gets along and protects our natural resources, this connection enhances the beauty of the earth.  The fingers represent plants of different biomes.  The palm itself contains North America in all its multicolored glory.  I chose this medium because its scratchy quality emphasizes that everything is not perfect, but a little rough around the edges.

"Living Things"
2nd Place

Beauty can be found not only in the living but also in the death of nature.  My piece contrasts the clashing imagery of bright, colorful, living succulents as a bed for the black and white skull.  Earth’s beauty is normally thought of by its oceans, mountains, and thriving environments, but beauty is still there in nature after the color and life have fallen away.  I was drawn in by the rounded angles, but also the sharp, jutting edges found in animal skulls.  I wanted to explore that lesser thought about portion of earth’s beauty.  I used succulents to show the similarities of roundness and sharp angles they shared with the skull.
"Bed of Rebirth"
Spartanburg Earth Day Festival
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